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Thanks for your interest in partnering with JHPL Online Hotel Booking System. Your hotel may qualify for the JHPL Special Rate (ESR) program. ESR is JHPL's merchant model that enables hoteliers to: -

  • obtain preferred placement in customer search results.
  • access property-level production and competitiveness reporting and benchmarking in local currencies.
  • promote dynamic rate offers to travelers from around the world on dates when demand is needed most.
  • work with JHPL Market Managers, local revenue management experts who can provide tailored marketing and distribution consultancy, and JHPL Media Specialists, a team of marketing professionals who work to enhance hoteliers' property visibility on the JHPL global web sites
  • participate in merchandising opportunities to take advantage of seasonal and popular consumer trends.
  • connect directly to JHPL's systems for efficient inventory management and payment settlement.

ESR partners also generally have low cancellation rates as a result of pre-travel purchase commitments.To join JHPL's global market place and take full benefits of the benefits ESR offers, please complete the form below. The key to much more business is working together.

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