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Planning: Why the event? Who is it for? What’s the message you want them to remember? What is the theme? What’s are the props that will help us convey the message? Draw up the blue prints, pay attention to detail, leave enough flexibility to rearrange some elements and engage your audiences. Some of the best events have taken shape on our planning tables. Meticulous planning is an art and science, and at Jhankar it is our religion.

Branding: How will what I do in this event influence and affect my brand? How do we fit in elements that resonate with your brand DNA? When we do an event for you we extract the opportunities out of every window available to bolster your brand image and etch it in the top of the mind of your stakeholder. We think brand at all stages of the event. That’s why your brand is the first thing they will notice in the event and the most memorable take away.

Connect do we understand our audiences? Have we tailored our messaging to connect and relate to them? We are constantly thinking of ways and means to reach out and convey the message to all the stakeholders in an impacting manner.