Every time we Jhankar an event where the objective was successfully met and the host’s eyes sparkled with happiness, we experience a tingle of exhilaration. For over 15 years now, first as Jhankar and since 2010 as Zankar Events But we are Last many yrs. in Travel Industry, we have been experiencing that feeling after every event, across corporate events, weddings and conferences. For, happiness reapers we are, and our success lies in our clients’ happiness. What experience do you want your stakeholders to experience? What is the message you want to send across to your customers – how does it become the theme of the event? How much brand equity do you want the conference to garner? What are the sights, smells and sounds that you want to remember from your wedding night for the rest of your life? We ask questions – a lot of them, so that we can walk along with you and dream like you when coming up with creative ideas and innovative solutions. We know god lies in details, so we are very attentive to even the smallest of details when executing your event. Most importantly we want the whole experience – right from the planning stage to the time you see off your last guest – to be very special, memorable and fun for you. clients have delightfully discovered that some of the best events start at the Jhankar planning tables. It’s your turn now. Discover Jhankar and get more out of your events; leave indelible impressions in the minds and hearts of people who experience